Natural Gas

Clean & Safe Energy
Since 1949, Natural Gas of Milton has provided clean, safe energy to residents of Milton, East Milton and Pace. Environmentally-friendly natural gas keeps many homes, businesses and industries operating smoothly at a significant savings over other forms of energy. We serve approximately 4,500 customers through 253 miles of pipeline, with new upgrades each year. The system is inspected by the Public Service Commission of Florida annually for compliance with Federal Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) rules and regulations. The City of Milton Gas Department also performs regular maintenance throughout the year to ensure a safe natural gas system.

For the past 24 years, the Department of Energy has consistently reported that natural gas is the best energy buy. Electricity costs four times more on an energy-equivalent basis calculated in Btu, a standard measuring stick for energy value.

In addition to being a financially-savvy choice, the natural gas industry is dedicated to meeting stringent safety regulations. Providing a supply of natural gas to the customer’s meter involves adhering to the ever-changing rules and regulations of many federal and state regulatory agencies. Natural Gas of Milton is committed to constant inspection, maintenance and documentation of our gas mains, lines and related services.
  1. Customer Service

    Look up contact information and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  2. Cooking with Natural Gas

    Most high-end chefs only cook with natural gas. Why not replicate their skills with in-home natural gas for superior temperature control and uniform heat? In addition to culinary success, you’ll save money.

  3. Energy Efficiency

    Look up some energy saving tips for your home.

  4. Natural Gas Awareness Program

    The City of Milton hopes that the Natural Gas Awareness Program will raise the awareness of the affected public and key stakeholders of the presence of buried natural gas pipelines in the communities we serve.

  5. New Business Customers

    If you need natural gas service and a new meter installed at your business, please fill out the Request for Gas Service and Meter Installation Form. Call 850-983-5434 for questions regarding gas service for businesses.

  6. New Residential Customers

    If you are a potential customer needing new gas service and a new meter installed, please fill out the Request for Gas Service and Meter Installation Form. Although this form does not guarantee natural gas service, it will allow us to see if we can install new service at your address. The more homes in a neighborhood requesting service increases the chance of natural gas service being installed in your area and lowers installation fees.

  7. Rebates

    Get hooked up and get cash back! New and existing customers can receive up to $1,350 in rebates when you convert or replace appliances to environmentally-friendly, affordable natural gas.

  8. Safety

    Protect yourself from the dangers of natural gas.

  9. Take Our Online Survey

    We strive to raise the awareness of natural gas in the communities we serve. To help us meet our goals, please take a few moments complete this brief survey so that we can serve you better. Thank you!

  10. Turn-On Existing Service

    If you simply need your existing gas service turned on, please call 850-983-5401 or visit the Milton City Hall at 6738 Dixon Street (no appointment necessary). A deposit is required for residential gas service to be turned on.