Land Development Regulations

The following Land Development Regulations (LDR) were prepared by Hamilton Smith & Associates, Inc. They were amended on June of 2007. Website includes ordinances passed through Marc h10, 2009. Please Contact 850-983-5440 to verify no other ordinances have passed since March 10, 2009 that would effect / change this document.

  • Article I (PDF) - General Provisions
  • Article II (PDF) - Administration
  • Article III - Land Use and Zoning
    • Part 1 (PDF) - Definitions, Legal Interpretation, District Nomenclature
    • Part 2 (PDF) - Schedule of District Regulations
    • Part 3 (PDF) - General Regulations
    • Part 4 (PDF) - Planned Development Projects Mobile Homes, Campgrounds & Recreational Parks, Airport Regulations
    • Part 5 (PDF) - Performance Standards, Non-Conformities, Downtown Community Redevelopment Area
  • Part 6 (PDF) - Traditional Neighborhood Development in the CRA

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Proposed Land Development Regulation (Unified Development Code) Changes. - 2016

Please Note: 
The following Draft Articles are proposed as becoming the City of Milton's Unified Development Code.  They are still undergoing the review process and changes are sure to follow.  Also be aware that the formatting is not cohesive nor is it complete.